Greek Language School

Dear Parents,

Hope you had a wonderful and memorable summer. The Greek School year is quickly approaching. The Parish Council, Father Michael and the Greek School staff wish to thank you for your support of our Greek School program. We thank you for affording us the opportunity and privilege to teach your child(ren) Greek as a second language as well as the Greek culture.

As in the past years, the Teaching staff, supported by the entire Sts. Constantine and Helen community, will do everything possible to implement a program so as to experience an enjoyable and rewarding year for both the students and parents. 

Below are some suggestions in which parents can help with children:

BRING YOUR CHILDREN TO SCHOOL ON TIME. We have only a few hours of Greek School every week. Late arrivals are disruptive and disrespectful to the teachers. Please be in class by 4:30. This is even more crucial to the students that attend only one day a week. Please make sure that you pick up your child on time.

SPEAK GREEK AT HOME.  Speaking Greek at home is one of the most important and effective ways to teach Greek to our children. Please do so if you can and try to use the vocabulary from your child’s lessons. Two to three hours a week at school is not enough time to teach conversational skills.

MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD DOES THE HOMEWORK. Too many students come to class unprepared. Homework is an important part of this valuable time. If you do not understand the homework assignment, please call the teacher.

STAY IN TOUCH WITH YOUR CHILD’S TEACHER. It is important for your child’s progress that you as parents have regular meetings during the year with his/her teacher. The teachers will be more than willing to explain everything concerning your child’s Greek studies. 

SUPPORT SCHOOL ACTIVITIES AND VOLUNTEER. In addition to the educational curriculum, the Greek School offers educational and social activities to enrich our children’s overall learning experience. As our school continues to grow, we welcome parental volunteer involvement. We look forward to having assistance in the various school celebrations, classroom parents, end of the year and fundraising activities. Funds raised will be used in many different ways: purchasing educational books, sponsoring functions for our students and making philanthropic donations.

We thank you for your support to date and look forward to your continuing efforts and participation in our school’s activities.

Best wishes for a fun and rewarding new school year,

Ifigenia (Vivian) Kambanis, Director