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Special Announcement...

In cooperation with our Parish Council and as your spiritual leader, I am announcing to all that for everyone’s health and well being we have decided to suspend our Tuesday/Thursday Meetings until further notice.
Let us all be obedient to our Government's suggestions and guidelines and to the Godsent message of our Holy Archbishop Elpidophoros. May God grant him many years!
With the Parish Council we extend our heart-felt gratitude to Nikki, John, Patti and all those who assist in manifesting our love for those who have loved all of us for these many years. 
One mom can care and raise 10 children. Can 10 children care for 1 mom? Let us care for our elderly.
God bless all of us. May the Prouciotissa protect each and everyone of us in and through Her Son’s Providence.
With love from the one who would lay down his life for you,
Father Michael, your priest​

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Every Tuesdays and Thursdays: 10am to 2pm

Provide special attention to our VIP parish Seniors. Initiate programs and events that would further engage and involve our seniors. The focus would be to offer spiritual educational, cultural, and entertainment events for those that wish to gather and promote fellowship, as well as the physical, spiritual and social well-being of our participants.  We always need more volunteers.


If you are interested in assisting please contact the church office.

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